Workplace Campaign

Our goal this year is $2,000,000

Area Goals

Rapid City: $1,800,000

Sturgis: $80,000

Northern Hills: $140,000

Southern Hills: $80,000


Workplace Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

When you pledge in 2021, the first payment doesn’t start until January 2022.

Even a small amount each week can give an employee a sense of belonging to a larger community. Often, employees at the lower end of the pay scale are more likely to know what it's like to need health and human services and may understand and appreciate United Way's Impact.

Since your employer will no longer be providing a paycheck from which to deduct your pledged amount, your contributions will end. Your pledge doesn't get re-routed and therefore, you will need to contact us so we can coordinate a different way for you to pay the remainder of your pledge. 

Any gift to United Way of the Black Hills, large or small, makes a difference in our community. The benefit of giving through payroll deductions allows you to make a contribution that will fit in your budget. One of the great advantages of giving to United Way of the Black Hills is that these small donations add up to large wins and make a great impact to meet the needs of people in our community.