Volunteer Spotlight: Lori Raczynski

Lori Racynski is the HR Director at Granite Automotive, and has been a volunteer for United Way of the Black Hills for 20+ years! Lori also served on our United Way of the Black Hills board from 2010 to 2015. In 2014, Lori was the Board President of United Way of the Black Hills. We are so #thankful to have Lori as one of our rockstar volunteers! Read below to learn a little more about Lori.

Why do you volunteer for United Way?

"It’s my way of giving back so others can get ahead.  It is also my moral and social responsibility.  I heard a quote that I try to live by each and every day, which is, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on Earth.”

WHat motivates you about the work that United way does in the community?

"Their dedication to the cause is what motivates me about their work.  United Way has not only enriched my personal life but my professional life as well.  It’s my desire to learn and to be a part of something bigger than myself."

WHAT causes Are you passionate about and why?

"The children have always pulled at my heartstring.  To have the different reading programs like the Black Hills Reads, Imagination Library, Early Learner or Read Across South Dakota not only helps them to be proficient readers but helps them become productive citizens in our society."

What is your favorite united way activity?

"Day of Caring. There is something special about our community setting aside one day to work as a team spreading compassion and kindness to those in need."

How would you encourage others to get involved in helping the community?

"I would let them know by volunteering they would feel better about themselves mentally and physically.  I would also let them know it can be a life-changing experience. If I were to address the younger generation, I would tell them it’s a chance to build new skills and take on more responsibility when it comes to their careers."