UNITED We Grow Webinar Series for Non-profit Organizations

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Cybersecurity & Working From Home
Presented by Matt Klinger, Owner of TelNetPC.

Proudly sponsored by TelNetPc.

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Internet Security for Teens
by Supervisory Special Agent Brent Gromer, SD Division of Criminal Investigation.

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How Do Nonprofits Adapt Financially during Crisis

Presented by Jean Smith, CPA Ketel Thorstenson


COVID-19 has created a new and ever-evolving situation for nonprofits. Organizations that operate on thin margins are suffering from program shutdowns, isolation of employees and cancellation of planned events. 


Join the Ketel Thorstenson  Nonprofit Team as they examine some of the major issues organizations are facing and some steps they can take to help sustain their important work. Discussion points will include:


• Forecasting

• Budgeting expenses

• Managing cash flow

• Internal Controls in a remote environment


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Mental Health Tips for Nonprofit Employees

Presented by Mary Kurniawan, CSW-PIP, Outpatient Social Worker at Monument Health.


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Topics include:

  • Covering how Covid-19 pandemic is affecting mental health and what is normal vs what is concerning in terms of reactions to this additional stress.
  • Ways individuals can manage this increased stress both in their work and personal lives.
  • How mental health concerns might be impacting the non-profit sector specifically.


Proudly sponsored by Monument Health.



Volunteerism During Social Distancing

Presented by Audrey Nordine, Helpline Center's Black Hills Program Coordinator


The Helpline Center provides the community with ways to connect with volunteer opportunities as well as offer non-profit organizations volunteer recruitment assistance and support for volunteer managers.


During this time, it can be difficult to know how you can give back and share your time with others in a meaningful way. Helpline Center’s Black Hills Program Coordinator, Audrey Nordine, will share perceptions on volunteering during a global pandemic, tools and resources that Volunteer Connections has setup for the community of the Black Hills, as well as what volunteering means for your mental health.


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