Rosellen Reese

Administrative Assistant/Imagination Library Coordinator


I have been with United Way 21 years in April of this year.  I have a respect for this organization for how it has been a pillar in our community and surrounding communities and amongst other non-profits and businesses.

I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and helping others when I can.  United Way has been a great place for me to experience that.

Among things I enjoy….Music is my forte.  I have been teaching piano for 38 years.  Giving students the opportunity to experience and learn self-discipline and life lessons that will go with them through life.  So gratifying for me. 

I also enjoy traveling a lot, playing games, cooking, and barbecuing with charcoal (no propane grill) and perfecting my skills at smoking meat with different flavors of wood. (No electric contraptions & no wood chips allowed)😊  It is an art of patience and time.