Read Across South Dakota

Read Across South Dakota

Welcome to the 3rd annual Race to Read Across South Dakota Challenge!

Are you passionate about reading or helping children reach reading proficiency? Then join Black Hills Reads for this challenge!

What is the Read Across South Dakota Challenge?

Black Hills Reads is a Campaign for Grade Level Reading initiative and our overall goals is to help children reach reading proficiency and support partners in this process. Half the battle of helping a child reach reading proficiency is getting the child excited about reading.

This challenge helps us do just that!


Black Hills Reads has had tremendous success getting children and organizations to host Race to Read events in the Black Hills area. Our last challenge lasted two months and there were over 40 organizations, individuals and schools participating! This process supports multi-generations, adults supporting and becoming a positive role model for young children. We want to share this enthusiasm with the rest of South Dakota and see what achievements we can make as a state!


Any school, community organization, for-profit business, individual or family in South Dakota that would like to challenge their community or organization to a reading challenge!


The challenge will officially begin on January 3rd and end March 2nd - Dr. Suess' Birthday!

The Goal

• We want our cumulative miles to help us "race" around South Dakota.

• Starting in Rapid City, our figurative "book mobile" will travel around the state until it loops back to the starting point.



There will also be CASH prizes for the most books read!

$650 in grand prize money will be added to the Read Across South Dakota challenge. They will be split up into four categories with prize money for the top reader(s) in each category:

  • Individual - $50
  • Family - $100
  • Organization - $200
    • Up to 30 people
    • Could include banks, preschools, daycares, businesses, etc.
  • Communities - $300
  • 30+ people
  • Could include school districts, a chamber-run event, libraries getting the community involved.
  • This prize money is for ACTUAL BOOKS READ. Does not include bonus books from the challenges.

Another prize will be added to incentivize the challenges we will be throwing out there (read to an animal, read in an unlikely place, etc.). We want more of our participants to post on Facebook, so we will be giving out an additional $50 OR $100 for the reader(s) who participate in the most challenges. 

Individual/Family - $50

Organization/Community - $100



The Process

• For every 25 books read = 1 mile "driven" (including audiobooks).

• All books read by participants, in South Dakota, will count towards our overall miles.

• A Google form will be sent to all participants every week to collect weekly reading numbers. This will allow Black Hills Reads to track the state-wide progress.

• Once the virtual car reaches your community, feel free to host a celebration! Celebrate our success as a state and our collective reading achievements!

• There will be $650+ in CASH prizes awarded to the highest reading individuals, families, organizations and communities.

• There will be opportunities to earn "bonus points" and extra prizes on our Black Hills Reads Facebook page.

• Even if you don't join at the beginning, feel free to email us at and join at any time.