Providing Hope to Domestic Violence Survivors: WEAVE in Custer


Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE)


WEAVE'S primary mission is to provide safety and support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking by providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. WEAVE'S mission is also to stop the cycle of violence by promoting non-violence, social change and education to the community and teens to stop dating/domestic violence and sexual assault.


How do they do it? 

WEAVE provides advocacy, safety and shelter for victims and children of domestic violence and sexual assault. WEAVE also provides therapy and support groups for victims of domestic violence at the shelter and in the community, which assists with good mental health. WEAVE assists survivors with life skills to enable them to make appropriate choices and learn budgeting and other skills needed to assist with daily life and activities.

They even assist with permanent housing for victims and homeless who qualify with rent, deposits, donated items and referrals for furniture to assist with needed household items.

They also host a 15 week group for children who witness domestic violence to assist them with handling anger and learn. WEAVE assists children in the shelter with needed transportation to school, clothes, shoes and other supplies such as books and educational materials. 

Who have they helped?

In 2019, WEAVE was able to serve 219 clients in the Black Hills, with the help of United Way of the Black Hills (UWBH) funding.

How do UWBH funds help this organization?

Through UWBH funding, WEAVE is able to pay for supplies, resources and utilities at the shelter, as well as offsetting the cost of legal fees for victims.

What will happen if they do not receive their full funding from UWBH?

Without United Way of the Black Hills funding, WEAVE may not be able to pay for supplies and utilities for victims. Please consider making a donation to UWBH to continue these efforts to provide hope to their clients: