UWBH Awards $54,641 in CARES Act Funding and $38,347 in EFSP Funding

(RAPID CITY) - United Way of the Black Hills awarded $54,671 in CARES Act funding and $38,347 in Phase 37 Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) funding to a total of seven non-profit organizations in the Black Hills. Funding recipients and amounts are listed below:

Phase 37 Funding Reward ($38,347)                   CARES Funding Reward ($54,671)


Black Hills Works – $5,478.16                                Black Hills Works - $7,810.16

Church Response - $5,478.14                                 Church Response - $7,810.14

Cornerstone Rescue Mission - $5,478.14

Western SD Senior Services - $5,478.14               Western SD Senior Services - $7,810.14

RC Club for Boys - $5,478.14                                  RC Club for Boys - $7,810.14

Working Against Violence, Inc. - $5,478.14          Working Against Violence, Inc. - $7,810.14

                                                                                     YMCA of Rapid City - $7,810.14

Youth & Family Services - $5,478.14                     Youth & Family Services - $7,810.14


Rosellen Reese, Administrative Assistant at UWBH, and EFSP Board Chair, has been overseeing this funding process for 15 years. 

"The Emergency Food & Shelter Program (FEMA) is a federal government program that is another avenue non-profits can navigate to get additional funding for served meals, other foods, and shelter nights if they are within the required guidelines for the funding. United Way is the Local Recipient Organization that has taken the helm to distribute the funds to those who apply and it has been a helpful, successful and beneficial program to our community," says Reese. 

For more information on these funds, please contact Rosellen Reese at (605) 343-5872 or email rosellen@unitedwayblackhills.org