Imagination Library Program

What is the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Program? 

The Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is a program funded by United Way of the Black Hills to allow children ages 0-5 to receive an age appropriate book mailed to their home once a month. 

In 2018-2019, approximately 5,772 children were enrolled and received a book every month. (That's over 60,000 books to children in ONE YEAR!)

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"I love it. My first daughter is old enough that she doesn't get them anymore, but my youngest has a collection of about 8 books now. I look forward to seeing what new book arrives each month and knowing that I can share that excitement with my kids when we sit down at night to read and make that experience fun and positive. Plus getting the board books for the first two years is great so I can just hand the book over to my youngest. She loves being independent and looking at them and turning the pages herself and will spend quite a while focused on the book. Overall I've had no negative experience with the Imagination library."
- Leigha (Northern Hills Parent)
"We signed up for Imagination Library for our son when he was an infant. We loved getting a new book every month! His Dad, Sister and I took the time each month to write him a note on the inside the cover of the books to write what his milestones were or what he did that month or just to remind him how much we love him.  It was fun to read the new books to him and it has been fun to go back and read the notes.  As a toddler, he had some of the books memorized and now in elementary school, he is one of the best readers in his class."
- Kelly (Northern Hills Parent)
"I have a mom who has told me how much she appreciated the library. The children were excited about getting a new book every month. As the older child is becoming more secure with her reading she is reading the books her three year old  brother is getting to him. It's been a warm family experience."
- Banana Bunch, Rapid City
"As a parent all three of my children received these books. Still to this day when my 8 year old is with me when I get the mail she “whines” that she doesn’t get them anymore. We read every single book we got the same day that we got it (and any more times after that)"
- Anonymous Parent
"As a supervisor, when I hired young moms I helped them complete or I competed it for them so their children could get the books."
- Anonymous
"I strongly believe that this is one of the most amazing and beneficial programs that I have come across to promote literacy and family time."
- Nicole Weiss, RC YMCA and Custer parent 

A special thank you to Dolly Parton Imagination Library sponsors for your continued support:

Coeur Wharf

First Interstate Bank (Festival of Trees Event)

Gwendolyn Stearns Foundation

Independent Insurance Agents of Rapid City

Learning Solutions, Inc. 

Thurston Properties Foundation

BPO Elks Lodge #1751

First Interstate Fall River Area Fund (SD Community Foundation)