Much of what influences health happens outside the doctor's office. If we want children to do well in school they need to be well fed and rested instead of worrying where their bed will be that night. If we want adults to have stable jobs they need access to healthcare and counseling support. 

United Way and its partners meet these needs by focusing on a holistic picture of health in our community.


United Way’s investment in health supports 22 local programs:


67,099 People have been impacted by access to health and wellness services, as well as food services and meal delivery

17,152 People called the 2-1-1 Helpline Center to access necessary resources and services

14,213 Seniors participated in activities designed to improve their health and well-being

13,963 People received basic needs services such as emergency housing and utility assistance

7,437 Adults and children have been impacted by counseling and substance abuse services 

6,163 People received nutritious food and meals

4,834 People received shelter and emergency assistance including those suffering from domestic abuse

1,088 People received affordable access to health care services