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United Way struggles to meet fundraising goal
January 3, 2013

These are tough times for many of us. And considering that, it's perhaps not surprising that the United Way of the Black Hills is having difficulty meeting its goals as well. 

The United Way has been forced to extend the deadline for its 2012-2013 fundraising goal. The goal thermometer is still stuck at the 98% mark Thursday. The new deadline is Friday, January 4th. And before then, more than $27,500 has to be raised. 

Executive director Renee Parker says, "I think the most important thing for all of us to remember is that there are 33 organizations that rely on United Way for support. And all of them have received such significant funding from every other source. So we're really hoping that United Way can be the organization that they can really count on." 

The Sturgis and Southern Hills United Way communities have met their goals. The Rapid City and Northern Hills communities are still running behind. 

Al Van Zee

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