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Black Hills United Way makes urgent call for help
December 14, 2012

Black Hills United Way makes urgent call for help 
Posted: Dec 13, 2012 1:43 PM MST 
By Katy Urban, Reporter - 

The 52 agencies supported by the United Way of the Black Hills may have a leaner year in 2013 than expected. 

The organization has raised just shy of $2 million. That's about $300,000 short of what is needed to meet the needs of area communities. 

Executive Director Renee Parker is asking for the public's help. She says if the year ends with this large of a shortfall, their agencies will face program cuts, staff cuts and will ultimately serve fewer people. 

While the donations may be lagging, the need still exists, especially at a time when non-profit organizations face both federal and state funding cuts. 

"Our urgent plea is; if you gave last year, please consider a gift to United Way again. If you haven't given please know that your one donation will make a huge difference in the lives of lots of local people," said Parker 

The United Way set its goal for this year in line with what was raised last year, $2,295,000.

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